Chilcot Report to be published: Examining Britain's biggest intelligence failure in decades

Chilcot Report to be published: Examining Britain's biggest intelligence failure in decades; Lord Butler (Chair, Butler Inquiry 2004) interview SOT - What I have always said about Tony Blair is when he said he believed, without doubt that Saddam Houssain had weapons of masss destruction, that's what he said in the foreword to the dossier, that was true, he did believe it, and he wasn't in that respect lying. (Caveats) There were that's correct and in my view, and I said this in my report, it was a serious mistake that those caveats were not included in the dossier London: EXT MI6 Building (SIS Building) seen through tree branches and leaves PULL FOCUS INT Carne Ross (UK Mission to UN 1997-2002) set up shots / interview SOT - We had lots of doubts, lots of questions about so called residual stocks, about what happened to the WMD that Iraq had undoubtedly possessed. But we had no positive evidence of existing stocks of WMD whatsoever.


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