Conflict: Qayyarah liberated from IS as Iraqi army closes in on Mosul

Conflict: Qayyarah liberated from IS as Iraqi army closes in on Mosul; IRAQ: Mosul: Qayyarah (Qayarah): EXT Wide shots huge plume of black smoke rising over town POINT OF VIEW (POV) shots as along streets through thick smoke from oil fires past ruined buildings and Islamic State (IS / ISIS / ISIL / Daesh) propaganda poster POINT OF VIEW (POV) shots Iraqi Army convoy along PAN soldiers watching smoke from oil fires Wide shot garages Closer shot man with two young children waving Women look out from behind metal gate Woman starts to clap Various shots young girl wearing pink dress in street POINT OF VIEW (POV) shots from top of tank as locals wave to liberating Iraqi forces Reporter waves from top of tank to locals Crowd of children along in street waving to camera Vox pop local man (translated) Reporter to camera Various shots woman along crying Large truck along with soldiers throwing food supplies down to locals Wide shot local men in street Man scratches chin (had not been able to shave under Islamic State rule) Reporter chats with woman wearing headscarf SOT Various shots Iraqi army tanks along Reporter to camera Various shots pieces of bulldozer bombed by coalition jets Wide shot oil refinery Various shots bodies in market place Wide shots large queue of local men Large armoured car along Various shots American soldiers along in tanks and armoured vehicles crossing River Tigris


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