Gay marriage: Ruth Davidson campaigns in Belfast

Gay marriage: Ruth Davidson campaigns in Belfast; SCOTLAND: Ruth Davidson interview with reporter as through office - pulling suitcase (bound for Belfast) SOT/ EXT Davidson and reporter from building pulling suitcases/ INT Davidson and reporter seated in back of taxi as along/ Ruth Davidson interview in back of taxi SOT - something lacking when there's a part of the UK where gay and lesbian LGBT people can't get married CUTWAYS - TRAVELLING shots from taxi window past unidentified buildings/ Ruth Davidson seated on aircraft reading newspaper Sea and land seen rom aircraft window/ NORTHERN IRELAND: Belfast: EXT Davidson and reporter from Belfast City Airport wheeling suitcases/ NIGHT Ruth Davidson interview SOT - re proposing to her partner/ - this is about making sure (LGBT) people have the same rights as everybody else/ CUTAWAY man in drag standing outside gay nightclub/ INT Andrew Johnston and Chris Best interview SOT/ Ruth Davidson shaking hands and sittgin talkign with Reverend David McIlveen (Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster)/ Reverend David McIlveen interview (seated with Ruth Davidson and reporter) SOT - I believe the act of homosexuality is diametrically opposed to the mind and to the plan of God/ Ruth Davidson and reporter into nightclub/ EXT / NIGHT Ruth Davidson interview SOT - we value marriage between a man and a woman, that's why we want it too/ DAY: Ruth Davidson stands looking at mural showing lesbian couple kissing Close shot of large mural showing two women kissing/


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