Pay rise for prison guards to tackle violence

VOICED: Shows exterior shots police vans with emergency blue lights flashing outside prisons where riots taking place. Exterior shots barbed wire on top of walls at prison and interior shots anonymous guards and prisoners inside prison. Interior shots prisoners working in printing workshop in prison. Interview with prisoners speaking on need for more staff and support. Interview with Justice Secretary Liz Truss MP speaking on Government plans to recruit more staff and improve prison service. Interview with National Chair of the Prison Officers' Association Mike Rolfe speaking on criticism of Government plans. Riots, dwindling staff levels and low morale have led to accusations our prisons are in crisis. Now, the Government has revealed its plan to try to turn things around -- giving thousands of prison officers in the south east and London an immediate pay rise of thousands of pounds. The Justice Secretary, Liz Trusshas said it will help attrract new recruits but the Prison Officers' Association says it's a 'kneejerk reaction' that will upset those who don't get a pay hike (THIS CLIP CONTAINS BLACK HOLES - THIRD PARTY CONTENT) on 19th February, 2017 in London, England


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Data di creazione: 19 febbraio 2017
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Luogo: London, England, United Kingdom
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