Joseph Patrick Moore

White, GA United States

Joseph Patrick Moore
Generi:Ambient Soundscapes, Funk, Lounge/Esotica, HipHop - Old School, Jazz - Latino , Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Free/Avanguardia, Jazz - Bebop/Tradizionale, Etnica - Altro, Etnica - Klezmer, World - Asian Tibetan Fusion, Etnica - Asiatica - Continentale, World - Asian Electronic, Pop Rock, Pop - Contemporaneo per adulti, Specialità - Colonne sonore alternative, Produzione - Rock, Produzione - Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Latin - Jazz
Biografia: For more than a decade Joseph Patrick Moore has been touring, recording, and establishing himself as an artist with a unique voice and a diversity of talents. His skills as bassist; composer; arranger; producer; author; educator and founding partner of Blue Canoe Digital illustrate why he is a highly sought after musician. Moore's music and creative vision echoe the spirits of Quincy Jones; Herbie Hancock and Miles to name a few.
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