Shane Bridges

macon, ga United States

Generi:Country - Contemporaneo/Pop, Country - Alternativo, Pop Rock, Pop - Contemporaneo per adulti, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Rock alternativo
Biografia: Shane Bridges is a singer/songwriter from Macon, Georgia. His songwriting style tends to hing e on a door where one side is Americana and the other side is Alt Country. He began his musical venture in 1995 when he and fellow band member Josh Carson formed the band Acoustic Workshop. Selling an impressive amount of albums and touring extensively the band became one of the acts to see in the South. Recording two albums with Acoustic Workshop helped propelled Shane Bridges on the scene as a well respected songwriter. Projects to follow would be Dear America and Oldstar which continued to mature his songwriting to music we hear today. In 2002 Shane took a step into the musical world as a solo artist and recorded the album "Moodswing halo". This effort would take him to a new level of song crafting and establish him as a gifted singer/songwriter in the vein of Americana/Atl Country music.
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