Covington, WA United States

Generi:Folk, Funk, Jazz - Fusion, Pop Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Hard Rock/Tradizionale, Rock - Sperimentale/Post-Rock, Rock - Rock alternativo
Biografia: High energy distorted lead guitar, the groove and beat of slap bass, and songwriting with lots of soul: this is the sound of Nevis. Based in Seattle, Ty Tate writes, performs, records, and produces all Nevis tracks himself.

Ty has been a performing musician for years, leading punk, rock, and funk bands and touring all over the United States. He had been playing several instruments for only two years when he was accepted into the distinguished Virginia Governor's Magnet School for the Arts, which jump started his music career. Ty has also worked as an on-call musician at several high profile clubs, and has also performed as a studio musician, looking for any opportunity to hone his craft and delve more deeply into racket making.
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