Tom Manche

Nashville, TN United States

Tom Manche
Generi:Folk, Gospel/Religiosa, Musica leggera, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Dixieland/Ragtime, Etnica - Celtica, Country - Contemporaneo/Pop, Country - Tradizionale, Country - Alternativo, Pop - Contemporaneo per adulti, Rock - Roots Rock, Blues - Elettrico, Blues - Acustico , Latina - Brasiliana - Pop brasiliano/MPB/Tropicalia
Biografia: “I started as a guitar player in Youngstown, Ohio, and through the years have added other hats: songwriter, singer, engineer, producer, dinner guest...”

Highlights from a 25-year stint in the music trenches of LA include touring and releasing five well-received CDs with his wife, Susan Anders, under the name Susan’s Room.

Today, Tom makes his living as owner/operator of Studio X in Nashville. Among his most recent projects: a CD of his quirky material (“Only thirty years in the making!”) entitled Tom Manche & the Meanderthals, producer/musican for Susan Anders’ CD Swimmer, and No Wrong Way, an instrumental CD.
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