South Pasadena, CA United States

Generi:Funk, Lounge/Esotica, Alternative Pop, Specialità - Colonne sonore alternative, Specialità - Musica promozionale, Rock - Sperimentale/Post-Rock, Rock - Rock alternativo, Rock - Pop alternativo
Biografia: Ludivine's "Sexoterica" album is the result of David Melbye's assimilation of R&B, soul, funk, and other 60's/70's groove-oriented influences in the period between his former band Fuzz Beloved and his present band Imogene, which are decidedly heavier in their incorporation of the 8-string bass. Ludivine fits more into the "lounge" category since it maintains a consistently mellow, downtempo vibe with Melbye, for the most part, singing in his deeper range. The band played various shows in the Los Angeles area and made recordings of their improvisational jams in the church-like living room where they used to rehearse. This was a standard funk ensemble with wah-wah guitar, 4-string bass, electric piano, and drums--but members would often switch instruments. There were as many as three drummers taking turns, and Melbye later reflected that this could make for unwanted havoc on stage. For the the eventual album, Melbye composed all the parts/arrangements and played all the instruments himself--save for the excellent drum parts which were performed by Jeff Fabb (now in an up and coming metal band called In This Moment). The album was shelved for a number of years, but has finally been remixed and remastered for release. In the mean time, tracks from this album have been used on popular TV shows and networks, including "Queer Eye," NBC, and ABC.

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