Los Angeles, CA United States

Generi:Folk, New Age, Ambient Soundscapes, Elettronica - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Elettronica - Lounge/Chillout, Elettronica - Industrial, Electronic - Pop, Elettronica - Electro, Elettronica - Ambient, HipHop - Sperimentale/Alternativo, World - Asian Pop, Country - Contemporaneo/Pop, Country - Alternativo, Pop Rock, Pop - Elettronico, Alternative Pop, Pop - Contemporaneo per adulti, Specialità - Colonne sonore alternative, Specialità - Musica promozionale, Specialità - Cinematografica, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Sperimentale/Post-Rock, Rock - Pop alternativo , RnB - Moderno/Contemporaneo metropolitano
Biografia: Classically trained in composition, songwriter and composer Stuart Rau began his musical journey at a young age sharing lead guitar and vocal duties in his high school rock band Back Back Low Punch. Though eventually arriving behind a pair of turntables in the Seattle electronica scene spinning everything from house to hip-hop alongside names like Donald Glaude and DJ Scene, Stuart remained an avid producer and songwriter for local vocalists and MC’s.
His 10 years of experience producing and recording bands have given Stuart Rau a unique and fresh approach to each project. Musically and creatively innovative, his passion and work ethic serve as two of his greatest weapons. Success across several genres lend to his discerning ear which extends to his favorable use of vintage gear and live musicians as opposed to samples and loops. Now operating out of his studio in Venice Beach Stuart has interacted with brands like Xbox, Legos, IFC and Marvel, and continues to bring his high energy and focus to nail each and every project he is involved with.

Commercials -

"Fast Forward" - Cadillac - Composer / Songwriter
"Highlights" - Pacific Life - Composer
"Design Class" - Expedia - Composer
"Moments" - Legos - Songwriter
"Dreaming" - Legos - Composer

Video Games -

"Hero Squad" - Marvel - Composer / Songwriter
"Fighters Uncaged" - Xbox 360 - Composer
"Void" - Namco Bandai - Composer / Songwriter

Films -

"Good News Oklahoma" - Composer / Songwriter
"The Duwamish" - Composer / Songwriter
"Yellow Brook" - Composer

Studio -

Mac Pro 8 core 3.2 ghz
Pro Tools 9 HD
Apogee Ensemble
AEA R84, AKG 414, SM57
Universal Audio 710 Mic Pre, Black Lion Auteur
Avalon 747
Yamaha Motif 6
Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Strat,
Yamaha FG 160 Acoustic
Mitchel Ukulele
Fender Tremolux "Blackface" Head and Cab

Software -

Waves Mercury Suite
East West Complete Composers Collection
Omnisphere, Stylus, Trillian
Native Instruments Komplete 4
Symphobia, Morphestra, LASS,
UAD 2, PSP, Antares, Melodyne etc.......
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