bronx, NY United States

Generi:HipHop - Pop/Moderno, HipHop - Pop/Moderno, RnB - Moderno/Contemporaneo metropolitano
Biografia: ST
ST (straight truth) grew up in Brooklyn, NY and was raised with his sisters and brothers in a single family religious household. He began his adventure into the music scene as a hype man for a group called Golden Smilez which was produced by Dr. Period.ST then started a group called Double V.I. with his brother, Specs. They recorded 2 CD’s that didn’t get the attention they deserved. So after his brother left the group ST started solo projects including his biggest project of all - becoming a father. This changed his outlook on life along with his style of music and began to experiment with harmonies and became focused on creating music through innovative technologies.
Today, ST is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Love” which is off of his new CD, “Digiworld”. This CD was produced by inzane,p.o.p.e ent , darkstorm productions . Some might say that this song originally was more sex orientated. Now it is ‘love’. This single is about how love makes you feel and how it effects what you do and say. Love was there when the world began. You need love to survive and you can’t survive without love. The introduction is very nice. His voice has an echo effect that really is beautiful. Of course, the voice is very sexy. It is a perfect combination of vocals with a fantasy ‘space’ type music in the back ground. The body of the song is very nicely done with deep vocals, and has a great melody to it.
ST has a wonderful delivery system for his music. Every song captures your attention from the very first note. His songs are arranged beautifully, performed beautifully and gets a wonderful reaction from his audience. He is versatile in is styles. One song may be deep with thought provoking lyrics and another song can be more upbeat which you would love to dance to.
ST’s music is available at most iStores but you can also log onto the following sights to listen to and/or purchase his songs:
ST is currently working with pump audio for licensing, publishing, /or placement
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