Ryan Eston Paul

Bellingham, WA United States

Generi:Elettronica - Industrial, Electronic - Pop, Etnica - Altro, Pop - Elettronico, Specialità - Musica per trailer, Specialità - Colonne sonore alternative, Specialità - Musica promozionale, Specialità - Tradizionale - Horror/Suspense, Specialità - Cinematografica, Specialità - Natalizia/Festiva, Rock - Indie Rock
Biografia: Composer, songwriter, performer - all titles apply, for sure, but the plain truth of the matter is that I love music and can not stop making it. Every moment has a composition, every place a rhythm, every emotion a melody. For better or worse, I feel I can do nothing but capture music wherever I can find it. I have been composing since I was a little kid stretching rubber bands between my fingers. Though my tools are slightly more advanced today, I still feel the same sense of wonder each time I approach a song.
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