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Alexei Mordashov Visits Lucchini Steel Plant In Piombino

PIOMBINO, ITALY - AUGUST 05:  Alexei Mordashov the Russian billionaire chief executive officer of OAO Severstal and the largest shareholder of Lucchini steelworks come to the meeting in City Hall on August 5, 2010 in Piombino, Italy. He presented business plans at the meeting to local and national institutions. Mordashov had been looking to sell Lucchini, the largest  Italian steel producer employing 4,000 staff, if he was unable to arrange debt restructuring agreements with banks. The Russian steelmaker Severstal, also controlled by Mordashov and which has a significant stake in Lucchini has stated that it may reconsider previous plans to view the company as a discontinued operation, confirming it  make look to deliver a business plan for presentation to the banks in September. (Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images)
Alexei Mordashov Visits Lucchini Steel Plant In Piombino


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